Fetish confessions

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Are you into weird, or kinky sex? Foot fetishes, panty fetishes, diaper fetishes, medical fetishes, bondage sex, we all have sexual fetishes to one degree or another. Do you get horny endlessly day-dreaming about kinky sexual fetishes or sexual situations you'd like try out or be involved in?

Have you ever acted on any of your kinky sexual fetishes? How did it go? Did you experience a sexual situation even too "weird" or "out there" for even your sensibilities? This is the place to confess it all! I do t wear them, I just like to jerk off and cum on them. We lay the panties out and we both jerk off abd cum on them. Such a hot mess! His wife wears thongs or string bikinis. Instantly we both lowered out shorts, then we both lowered our briefs, mine were gray his were white. We started to jack off looking at the panties. My dick is average but my friends has some length to it.

He started to cum all over the panties and that made me start to cum. Each a huge load! Once we were done we wiped out dicks off and pulled our underwear and pants back up. I recently moved to my current city to be closer to my friends. I'm fetish confessions with all of my friends and we know alot about each other but there is always things you keep to yourself. Two of these friends are dating and I've gotten super close with Anna fake name she and I both work overnights at our jobs so we text alot and when you talk enough you begin telling each other everything.

Anna knows about my fetishes including my chastity fetish as well as that I'm bi I came out to her We joke alot poking fun at each others fetishes as well as other things but she sometimes jokingly calls me a cuck. What she doesn't know is I want nothing more than her and her boyfriend to lock me in chastity and cuck me. I want them fetish confessions humiliate me, fuck me, and use me for their pleasure and then cast me aside. I regularly fantasize about being locked up and her "forcing me" to suck her boyfriends cock and have him fuck me and when he's done fuck her making me watch frustrated and used.

I'm a straight man who loves wearing panties for my pleasure and I have a fantasy about women dressing me and watching my walking around in front of them. I really love the fael of my ass cheeks with a little pair fetish confessions I have a good sensation in them. I have been diapered for three straight days. Later today it will be time to play. I will be put into my adult sized crib I really have one and spent the last two nights sleeping there.

I will have one of my onesie skirt outfits on. My hands and feet will be bound. I will have the security mittens placed on my hands and a hood placed over my head which acts as a blindfold and only have the mouth hole open. I may or may not have my locking penis gag locked in place.

That depends on what my wife decides. She will then proceed to tease and deny me for as long as she deems appropriate. Sometimes I fetish confessions kept this way for up to an hour with her coming in and getting me excited only to stop and leave. When she decides I will be allowed to cum, she has told me that no matter what, I am going to be required to eat fetish confessions mess. We have tried this before, but I always avoid it once I have cum. However, with me locked up, I will not be able to get free until my wife decides to let me out.

She has told me that she is going to keep me locked up until I eat my mess. She has also told me that once my cum is in my mouth, my penis gag will be inserted and locked in place to make sure I don't spit it out. She even has a video camera set up to record the whole thing.

Right now I am super excited about this, but I know from experience that after I have spurted, I will not really want to go through with it. Maybe today I will officially be her diapered sissy cum eater. I don't really know the attraction, I think it's their willingness to do anything sexually for their man.

I love fucking big fat and-or ugly chicks. I always have. I've had really ugly women, and lb fatties, and some that were both. I love seeing the fat bounce when I thrust into them, I love seeing the look on their faces when they realize I'm going down to eat their pussies. I'll take a fat girl or ugly girl over a beach body any day. They are so submissive and willing. It was a fat girl who first pegged me with a strapon when I asked. I got no crap about being gay or anything either.

I asked two hardbodies and one refused the other did it, then when I shot off during it she said I was gay and left. By the way, the tight bodied bitch went and told all our friends that I like getting it up my ass. Now that I think about it, they are also appreciative, and I think I like that. I am a successful businessman with a darling slightly younger wife of a dozen years. We have a very good sex life and share a lot of kinks and fantasies. Read a very exciting piece on line about a couple similar to us and some very wild hot wife play they got up to whilst on holiday in the tropics.

Will keep this short and let you supply many details with your own dirty minds, but happy to answer questions if you like. So the story featured the man scheduled for a game of golf while his wife spent the day shopping and tanning on the beach or poolside.

For whatever reason the husband got back from the links much earlier than anticipated and went back to the suite. He's having a drink and idly looking out from the balcony and sees his wife in her brief bikini laying on a chaise and speaking with a big Black fellow wearing just loose basketball shorts and sandals. As hubby watches, his wife rises and takes the fellow by the hand and he into the complex. Hubby slips behind a curtain or into a closet, whatever, he's concealed but can see into the bedroom perfectly. You know where this is going and you're right.

He watches and is rock hard seeing his normally shy fetish confessions becoming a wild nympho with this chap who absolutely towers over her. He's naturally hung like a horse as per the usual stories and is very dominant with her.

The details feature the wife performing hot sweaty nasty oral on the fellow whilst hubby wanks watching her lick and suck those huge hairy black balls and he even rocks back and she goes wild rimming his nasty arsehole all the while calling her a cheating white slut of a wife. Eventually the stud works his huge dick into her doggie style and leaves her well and completely done. One thing that got me extra hot was during the wife's ministering to her stud with her mouth the man sees the husband watching and he sort of winks and makes an effort to be even more degrading to the wife, asking her what would her husband think if he could see his wife sucking those big sweaty black balls, etc.

Imagining watching my wife letting all her inhibitions go and being such a hot nasty wife with a stranger whilst away on holiday has got me hard just writing this. I confess that I would love to reclaim my wife immediately after the fellow left. I would take her in my arms and passionately kiss her filthy lips and feel my dick swimming in her stretched and soaked vag filled with his sperm and sucking her tongue fresh from that musky arsehole.

Have to go take care of this stiffy now. I'm sure this may be too extreme for some fellows taste but also know I'm not alone in wanting to watch my wife being used like a cheap whore. What do you say gents? My cousin and Fetish confessions while growing up we schooled together, so did my wife! My cousin and I would duck school now and then, and after smoking some good weed he askes fetish confessions if I have any porno? I did and got working on getting it on, while watching the movie he pulls out the thickest cock I've ever fetish confessions with a huge head way bigger head then mine!

And he was circumcised am uncut but skin pulled back I guess due to all the wanking I was doing, banana shaped cock but mine was way longer then his am 9" now so back then probably a nice 8" or so. He tells me to wank mine and let us come together while watching the video I shot lo of sperm all on the toilet paper and he smile and starts coming too I guess but I didn't watch, I got up went and smoked some more weed. When I got back I see that he moved my sperm fill paper, we did it again and everytime it got hotter lmao anyway enough of that, to bring you up to date my cousin hitted on my wife in our schooling career.

But nothing happened with them.

Fetish confessions

Few years later I end up marrying her, best sex ever we happily married have kids but we very kinky in bed so we have dirty conversations and I bring up my cousin telling her I saw his cock and started to feed her details as we would sex it up.

She is horny for him she wants cock she wants to try his fat thick circumcised Cock. His leaving for work to another place and I don't know what I should do all those years talking fetish confessions him telling her I'd bring him for you to have sex with and hearing her tell me how she would suck him clean suck his balls even play with his ass while being fucked me missionary style I have never tried sharing before don't know what to think of it or do I need please with this one.

Fetish confessions

Has anyone done or went thru something like this thinking about it makes me so horny please don't feel sky to share your experience with me. Hope to hear from you. I am a thirty-two single woman and I have developed a yen for naked night strolls around my neighborhood.

The best time to do this is after midnight when everything is quite. I have been doing this for several months now and find it terribly exciting as well as pleasing. I do live in constant fear of getting caught and of maybe being arrested, although in some ways that is part of the thrill and excitement fetish confessions, I suppose. I do not consider myself to be an exhibitionist as I have no desire for anyone to see me strutting around naked.

Fetish confessions

I just enjoy the fun and the daring of it all by myself. Is there anyone else out there who feels the same and has indulged in similar things? Toggle Toggle. up. Fetishes and Kinky Sex 2, Top Sex Confessions 01 I'm a 31 year old straight dude and I've always been curious about guys. On a lat But a few weekends ago, I was All Top Sex Confessions. Popular Confessions Some time ago I had problems with sleepwalking do not worry I am ok nowa few d When I was a sophomore in high schoolthere was an announcement and letters sent Caught fetish confessions step dad checking me out sexually a couple of weeks ago, and now I'm con I like scoring less marks in my exams because that helps me get a spank in my ass My Step dad is horny for me.

Fetish confessions

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Fetish confessions

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