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ChatRoulette is pretty much what it sounds like. It sounds simple, but it was a novel idea back in Some people were chatting, sure, but it was hard not to be overwhelmed by the utter onslaught of penis cams. I know it was some of you perverted motherfuckers, too. You saw the opportunity to expose your cock to unsuspecting, potentially underage pretty girls around the world and you took it.

Sometimes you just want to show a broad your dick. Whoever came up with Slut Slutrulette just did what a lot of us were thinking. They built a site that works a lot like ChatRoulette, only instead slutrulette a series of random boners, you get to click through random sluts until you find one you like. The people have spoken. We want random twats, not random cocks. Control Her Pleasure SlutRoulette hits you with an official-looking pop-up as soon as you load up the.

It appears to be an important notification from Chrome. I get another two pop-ups in quick succession before I can even get to the site. Then they want me to up. You can up with an address and nickname, or you can just do a slutrulette -in with your Google. Hey, why not? I went back to SlutRoulette and tried again to create my free. I reset my password, since I never remembered setting a password in the first place.

When I tried to use my new password on SlutRoulette, they sent me back to SlutRouletteLive and told me my password was wrong.


I repeated the process and got the same result. I spend all day, every day logging into porn sites, stroking the pole, and then writing about it. I know how websites work. Step one in cleaning up this ugly mess would be to stop routing potential SlutRoulette users to their sister site.

I found it in my spam box along with another message, this one with a subject slutrulette claiming an had been created in my name for yet another different site. Slutrulette, these messages are recognized as the spam they are and sent to the appropriate folder to be burned. A gorgeous MILF had her perfect fake tits held up at the camera. I hit the speaker icon to turn the sound on. The camera switched just as I turned the sound on.

A cute, young Asian girl chatted with someone in the room. Before I could try to type something absolutely filthy into the chat, the cam switched again. I already tried that. You know how it worked out. The same goes for my webcam. I clicked the button to start my webcam, so I could show this little whore how hard she makes me, but it gives me the same busted -up pop-up.

I just click X and watch the girls. In fact, I wish I could linger longer. I started stroking it to this Ebony slut with huge tits and then the camera switched to an empty bed. The empty bed disappeared, replaced by a huge-boobed blonde in lingerie and lipstick.

I really wanted to slutrulette watching her so I slutrulette to log in again, but no dice. At Least the Work Hit that dropdown in the top right corner of the screen. There are some flags, but they only change the language of the site, not the ethnicity of the camwhores. The category selection is decent, though.


SlutRoulette has 20 to narrow down your random babes. This really seems like it would be a slutrulette site if I could actually get logged in. The selection of is nice and there seems to be a ton of hot girls online right now. Open SlutRoulette. SlutRoulette Top Premium Porn Sites. Free Porn Tube Sites. Live Sex Cam Sites. Best Porn Games. Free Full Porn Movies Sites. Adult VOD Sites. Free Cam Girl Video Sites. Sex Chat Sites. Free OnlyFans Leak Sites.

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