Making her wet

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Most men think that getting a girl wet and making her orgasm is rocket science. After all, every woman is different, and each one has a different turn on. Well, let me tell you a big secret: there exist some proven ways to make a woman go crazy which work with every female. For most girls, sleeping with someone is much more than the physical intercourse itself, and sex has a much deeper meaning than you might imagine. It is your job to seduce her mind before seducing her body.

Making her wet

And the best way making her wet do it is to do your best to make a deeper connection with this girl; to form other types of intimacy besides just sexual, to show her that she can trust you and that she can be completely relaxed around you. Follow these carefully planned steps to make every single girl fall for you. Making her wet you have too many women? Before you begin seducing her, you need to know that some women need more time to take the hint that you like them.

Either way, this is where you have to be pretty clear about the direction in which you want your relationship to go. However, instead of telling her that you like her straightforwardly because that might scare her off and is usually a big turn offuse your body language als to show her how attracted you are to her.

Whenever you two are talking, make sure you look her straight in the eyes, without ever looking away. Stare at her lips, and use sexual innuendos because this will be a demonstrator that you want to kiss her badly. She needs to start considering your touch familiar and comfortable. You can shower her with attention one day, and then act like her friend the next one. It is just a way for her to notice that she misses your touch and realize she enjoys it more than she thought she did. Observe her reactions carefully, and if you see that she is not running away from you, that she is not moving away whenever you come closer, and that she is not taking your hand off her when you touch her, it is definitely a that this girl enjoys being near you, and it is a green light for you to continue flirting.

You know why girls like bad boys and never put them in the friend zone?

Making her wet

Because they give them the thrill and excitement of the unknown. Start with asking her out : instead of announcing your date a few days ahead, just suggest a new activity out of the blue.

Making her wet

Call her and tell her that you were passing by her house, and ask her if she is in the mood for drinks. At first glance, you might suppose that she will turn you down because she probably already has plans. However, trust me that she will fit you into her busy schedule if she really likes you because she will be impressed with your bravery and spontaneous behavior.

Besides, she will want to know what you have prepared for her this time because you are obviously a man with whom she could never know what to expect. The same goes with all physical contact. Instead, feel her vibe, focus on the atmosphere of a given situation, and work on your ability to estimate whether it is the right timing to make a move or not, without thinking things thoroughly.

Trust me—the thing that makes every girl crazy for a man is the fact he goes after his instincts and follows his gut. Even though many say that modern dating has brought us more bad than good things, nobody can making her wet that it has also made this entire relationship game a hell easier.

Making her wet

You might not have enough confidence to hit on a girl you like in person but that is why you can use texting and social media to your advantage. When you make her horny through text, it will be a lot easier to seal the deal when you two meet. Instead, start things easily, and see whether she is in the mood to continue your sexy game of typing. However, knowing that you hug your friends, your parents, your siblings and other people you love making her wet a non-sexual way, it is clear that there is a crucial difference between types of hugs. So, how do you hug the girl you like?

How do you use this hug to make her want you? If you see that she is not pulling back, you can pat her back, smell her hair or even put your hands on her butt cheeks. Make sure she feels your breath all over her face or neck because that is a sure way to her wetness. The next thing you have to do is create a sexual tension between the two of you.

And what better way to do it then to tease her? Despite what you might have heard, the truth is that girls love to be playfully teased.

Making her wet

It intensifies their sexual desire and makes them want more. So, instead of jumping on her right away, prolong these games for as long as possible. Then look away after a while. You can tell her some everyday stuff and make some small talk until you see that she is comfortable having you this close.

Later on, you can proceed with the dirty talkand you can continue telling her some things all girls love to hear. Trust me—this will make her tremble. It will make her blood flow, and it will instantly make this girl horny.

It is more than clear that she is up for it and that she probably is awaiting it the same way you are. You want the first kiss to make this girl feel special, so it would be nice if you could do it somewhere private while the two of you are alone. It is perfectly OK making her wet enter her personal space because she has already given you permission to do so by responding positively to your flirting and touching until now.

It is important for you to take the lead. Put a few kisses on her nose and everywhere around her mouth, and then finally, reach out to the real kiss. All of us love a quicky where the entire room is filled with passion you can almost cut with a knife. Instead of ripping all of her clothes off right away, take off piece by piece, and do all of this while kissing her and touching all of her body parts. Leave her bra and panties on for a longer period of time until you see that she is dying to take them off. Once you get her fully naked, it is time to pay more attention to all of her erogenous zones.

First, start with her neck and ears. Rub your nose gently on her neck, breathe intensely directly in her ear, and then start kissing them. Start by rubbing her knees and then making her wet to her inner thighs. The next erogenous zone is her butt. Your touching this area is something both of you will definitely enjoy, so dedicate as much time as you want.

You know how you sometimes enjoy getting a blowjob even more than having actual sex? How the mere look at a woman doing her best to pleasure you with her mouth makes you instantly hard?

Making her wet

Well, females are no different. They also enjoy receiving oral sex, and making her wet is something you should never forget to do if you want to get a girl wet. So, sometimes, stimulating her inner thighs, her entire vulva and clitoris will make her this girl horny more than the act of vaginal sex itself and can spare you from having to use vaginal lubrication.

So this is the step in which you go down on her and lick her entirely, paying special attention to her clitoris. When you get her wet, you can also put one finger inside of her it is a good idea to put some lube on itand stimulate her this way as well.

Before penetration, you can try using a sex toy which you can rub all over her vulva or put in her. Be careful not to cross the line because not everyone is into anal sex or sex toys, especially not the first time. There will be plenty of opportunities to spice up your sex life and to find out more about all the kinky stuff she enjoys. For now, best to stick to the basics! If it happens that she is too dry, it is not something you should worry about.

Making her wet

In fact, it shows that you have enough sexual experience to know what she needs and how to please her the best way. Remember: sex is not rocket science. If you want to take a sneak peek into the male mind, our relationship expert Selma is here to guide you through the process.

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Making her wet

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How To Get Girls Wet: A Step-By-Step Guide To Making Every Woman Horny