Domme vs dominant

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Further pondering following my post on how to be happy as a guysub in an otherwise vanilla marriage. OK, fine, all you crusty old timers roll your eyes or whatever it is you do, but I think a lot of guys who slant towards the sub side of the range confuse domination and topping. According to Sex-Lexis. A female-dom or dominatrixa woman who enjoys dominating role in a dominance-and-submission scene, as opposed to sub a submissive. In sex games and activities, the sexually dominant or active-partner as opposed to bottom or passivethe one who controls the stimuli of a scene in both physical and psychological fantasy play.

There are other definitions of both, but these are the ones I think are relevant. The key difference is the domme enjoys the dominant role while the top is the one who controls — no particular enjoyment is mentioned. Which is to say, a domme surely tops, but not all tops are dommes since domming suggests one should get off especially on the topping. OK, put it this way. Subby guys all want the domme. They want the woman who will get off on crushing them domme vs dominant foot in any and multiple loving, of course ways.

In fact, they should be looking for those kinds of women to have relationships with. You cannot make a person who does not get off on power exchange get off on it, but you might be able to talk one into doing it situationally for your benefit. This requires that one has a GGG partner. She has her limits, but is willing to explore whatever I want within those.

I, as a dominant woman, have been topped by someone else—with bondage, spanking, flogging, whipping, electroplay, sex, and whatever else involved—and both I and the person topping me definitely enjoyed it. But I was not submissive in that bottoming role, and that is the difference. Nice post, and also, thank you for explaining what GGG means. Definitions are just bookmarks; they put a place down in language so we can talk about what we talk about. What matters is, as he pointed out, that he and BelleFille have figured out something that works for them. Plus, I feel fairly certain that she must have gotten some kind of kick out of making you do all that stuff in front of your in-laws.

I think there are some things she likes. The defining factor for me seems to be whether my partner in activities is submissive. Now it seems a much deeper mystery. The pun was just waiting to happen. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google. You are commenting using your Twitter. You are commenting using your Facebook. Notify me of new comments via. Notify me of new posts via. And top is defined this way: In sex games and activities, the sexually dominant or active-partner as opposed to bottom or passivethe one who controls the stimuli of a scene in domme vs dominant physical and psychological fantasy play.

I can ask for nothing more. And really, neither can you. Like this: Like Loading Something new. I would question the definitions also. I see the difference domme vs dominant the mindset of both parties. I… I think I just got a little bit wet. For serious. Vulcan mansub. Yeah, sure, for 7 years until Pon Farr starts and he gets all wolfman on your ass… Sorry.

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Domme vs dominant

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What it really means to be in a dominant/submissive relationship